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The Metaphysical Law of Telecommunications and Personal Magnetism

(1) Direct telecommunication, the use of ones inner force to direct purpose by influencing a certain person or thing; (2) Indirect telecommunication that is the use of the force with only a general purpose of affecting the desired result, without special direction toward any particular person or persons.  Consider these two classes of telecommunication, in their different phases.

First  the subject of direct telecommunication, is personal influences by persuading, seduction and other type conversations and interviews, under circumstances in which the mentor, the other person or persons are within each others sight.

The  sub-class falls on the phenomenon of fascination, personal magnetism, personal influence, and all other forms of persuasion. The outpouring of  Mind-Power causes the effect. In the forms of Will and Desire-Force. The second sub-class includes those instances of telecommunication at “long range,” which produces the phenomena of mental influencing. This  projection along with other forms of influencing Is how the Law of Personal Magnetism is activated.

Black Magic is the use of the same force for lower vibrational and selfish means, usually of control and manipulation. The use of energy used in accessing The Law of Telecommunications and Personal Magnetism is determined by the moral state of the user.   Although, individuals who participate in doing Black Magic always becomes victim to the forces he has created. This is known from by the Spiritual Law of Karma.

In this form of telecommunications, the medium usually concentrates upon the person or thing that he wishes to affect. Consciously, and by the use of his will, he sends the person or thing a current. A current is, a combination of Astral, thought energy and emotional energy that is directed as Desire-Force, Will Power, or both.

Occultists who study witch craft and other metaphysical practices have shown, the degree of the effect depends largely upon the degree of concentration employed by the medium.  The aim is to use the concentrated will to form a clear mental image of the person or thing to be affected or manifested. The clearer the image, the greater chance in manifesting.

Individuals who are affected by voodoo, witchcraft or any other metaphysical or magical practices, needs to “believe” and “fear” that these influences can affect them, in order for them to work. The witch or person influences the mental states they render themselves negative, and receptive to the influences directed against them.

Individuals who assert their individual power energetically are surrounding themselves in a protective aura. Aura’s that are strong, energetically, wave adverse vibrations off of us, before it affects us mentally, emotionally or physically. The importance of a strong Aura is a key element for balance and wellness.

Psychic protection exercise:

1. Visualize yourself standing alone and full of power. Visualize your aura as a extending protective shield. It doesn’t matter if you see it, feel it or imagine it. The spirit realm is connected to thought and imagination.  Say,the affirmation, “I Am”. “I Am” is the strongest used positive statement in the Occult sciences, of actual being.

Our desires are our own and we all should refuse to admit undesirable vibrations into our own energy field. Our will is also our own. We all have the power to charge. It is with our own power we have to learn to beat off and repel all undesirable influences.

2. Guard yourself from acting upon “impulses.” When you feel a sudden unaccountable impulse to do this, stop, and assert your positive individuality. (Get in your body, out of your head).

3. Cultivate the image of a positive aura. Set the intention of protection, when awakening in the morning. Clear your psychic perception filters to seeing yourself as a strong and positive. Than say to yourself, that “I” is the center of power. Enclose yourself in your own unique aura.

This is the best center of defense.


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