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Metaphysical Law, The law identifying within -the Infinite Source we call God.
God is the advancing presence in you as well as nature, society, and your fellow men. Harmonized yourself with all these energies will activate the God center in you. This is known as  the law of “identifying’’-that you are one with God.
God  works in you and through you. God is found within every human who seeks spiritual knowledge, God, and their purpose. Finding our union with God  is only accomplished by the successive unfolding of the various powers and possibilities latent within the human brain. It is through the grounding of this knowledge we see the miracles and manifestations which God created through us. The tale of David and Goliath portrays this.
It has been written in spiritual scripture that God desire is to express himself on the highest moral and spiritual plane, utilizing us. We are able to experience him through our purpose, which depends on an individuals free will.
Laura Schwalm is a Master Psychic Healer who specializes in Holistic and Spiritual Practices. To read about Laura, her services, or to read other blogs written by Laura Schwalm, or listen to archive pod  casts-“30 Minutes of Psychic Awareness” please go to
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