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Cosmic Laws Continued …

Cosmic laws are a combination of spiritual laws, universal laws, laws of physics, metaphysics, that are based on spirit and science. They are laws that can and should be used to navigate life successfully. Meaning, Cosmic Laws can help us create balance in our lives where there is imbalance, whether it be emotionally, financially, mentally, or physically. There are literally 1000 of laws, so “More on Cosmic Laws” is one of my on-going blog topics.

The Law of Energy Conservation. In nature, nothing is wasted or destroyed. One thing is constantly being transforming into another. The potential energy of the universe is always constant.

The Law of Resurrection. This law helps us understand there is no ending. That all life units transcend mortal limitations and boundaries. Conscious expansion leads to spiritual transcendence of a mortal state of consciousness. Mystics and spiritualists believe we never die, only in consciousness.

The Law of Numerology Numbers. Every number has philosophical significance as well as spiritual symbolism. For example, the number 11 is the symbol for spiritual awakening and the master builder or master creator.

The Law of Assumption. When two things resonate with one another they are said to be in attunement in such a way that there is an energy exchange.

The Law of Liberty. The law of liberty is that no man can impose his will on others. Every creature enjoys freedom; it is an innate need everyone desires. This law enables all beings to have “free will” and freedom as long as they do not inflict harm on any being. When people liberate themselves from mental bondage they obtain enlightenment.

The Law of Submission.  The Law of Submission allows one to simply let a higher intelligence to do its work without the ego part of self-interfering.

The Law of Supply and Demand. The Law of Supply and Demand empowers the universe to give and act on our spiritual communication: Words, prayer, affirmations, visualizations, altered states of consciousness.  If our communication is done with the right intention the universe must supply what it is we are in need of.

The Law of Split and Divide. All plants, animals, human life, as well as corporate businesses split and divide as ways of branching out and growing. Its purpose is to perpetuate and manifest new life forms. Nature does this automatically.

The Law of Transmutation. This law gives man the ability to change negative emotions and negative situations into positive ones. It allows us to transmute our thoughts and feelings into physical manifestations. It is our internal fire which enables us to transmute good and bad emotions.

The Law of Giving. An intent to either give money, knowledge, or energy as an offering without expectation of receiving anything back. In return cosmic consciousness decides when, where, and how it will be repaid. Cosmic consciousness also has the law of ten fold where the universe returns the favor back ten times the amount of the initial offering.

The Law of Obedience. The more one is obedient to nature the sooner one will progress through their evolution and will progress towards the light.

The Law of Harmless. This law pertains to soul growth, the more consciously aware we are to living in oneness the more capable we are of being harmless.

The Law of Concentration. The Law of Concentration asks us to remain focused so that we can manifest.

The Law of Divine Circulation. The Law of Divine Circulation asks us to share all of our resources for the better of humanity. Whatever energies or resources one possess must be used to “better” or promote the welfare of all people. It will thus be returned ten fold.

The Law of Detachment. The Law of Detachment is for soul growth and soul enfoldment. In order to evolve one must let go of all emotions, beliefs, individuals, and anything else that holds them back from evolving.

The Law of Immortality. Nothing dies, all is eternal.



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