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Mystics, Witches and Warlocks have utilized cosmic laws to manipulate energy to create magic. Cosmic laws are a combination of spiritual laws, universal laws, laws of physics, metaphysics, based on spirit and science. They are laws that can and should be used to navigate life successfully. Meaning, Cosmic Laws can help us create balance in our lives where there is imbalance, whether it be emotionally, financially, mentally, or physically.  There are literally 1000 of laws, so “More on Cosmic Laws” is one of my on going  blog topics.

The Law of Mentalism. The Universe is mental. We exist in the mind of the All. That part of us which is deity makes up the world and everything in it. ”The All Is Mind; The Universe Is Mental.”

The Law of Correspondence. We exist in all planes, astral as well as physical.  “As Above, So Below.”

The Law of Vibration. Everything is in motion and vibrates with its own vibrational frequency. “Nothing is still, everything moves, everything vibrates.”

The Law of Polarity. Polarity = Power. All things are dual, everything contains its opposite.  “Everything has a duality, everything has it’s opposite, like and unlike are the same, opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree.”

The Law of Rhythm. All things are in some way circular, spiral, cyclic,  and in order to function the best way, you must adapt to live in harmony with natural rhythms. ”Everything flows out and in, everything has it’s tides, all things rise and fall. Cycles, and seasons, represent stages in life. There is an innate rhythm that exists in all of life, and all of nature.

The Law of Gender. The law of polarity, applied. Everything has both masculine and feminine components and energies. “Gender is in everything, everything has both masculine and feminine aspects.” Gender manifests on all planes.

The Law of Cause and Effect. There are no coincidences, nothing happens by chance. Everything is a cycle. For every effect, there is a cause, and every cause, an effect. “Every cause has it’s effect.

All esoteric traditions such as  Hindu, Taoism and Buddhism have simular but not identical  expressions of Cosmic Laws. The law is based on seeing everything in terms of polar opposites  Everything contains a balance of the qualities dark and light, which are are different aspect of a same thing, one cannot exist without the other.

The principle of yin and yang  is perhaps an easier concept to grasp.  I also like the concept of Myo-Ho which while encompassing these same ideas of polaritiy and gender reminds us  that these qualities are inseperatable from the whole and that  everything is connected.


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