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In today’s ever-changing and stressful world many individuals are finding it hard to manage their life with ease, causing emotional imbalances. Unprocessed emotions accumulate as tension within our entire being. In the physical body it is felt as stress and in the mind it is manifested as negative thoughts. Having negative emotions about oneself manifests as anxiety, affecting the nervous system and reflects in one’s self esteem. These are just a few symptoms manifested from negative emotional energy.

To understand healing and to execute it properly, one must know Universal and Cosmic Laws. Utilizing these laws allows us to fully understand ourselves as a whole. Healing emotional imprints allows us to align ourselves with Universal energy, known as God. Aligning ourselves with this energy makes us capable of achieving anything, which allows life to become easier and more enjoyable.

The purpose of learning universal and cosmic laws is to help individuals look at life from a new perspective and provide inspiration as well as a sure way to relieve anxiety induced from everyday stress.

Everything which manifests in the physical realm has formed in the spiritual realm long before. Most people don’t realize that the physical realm is a tiny fraction of existence. This distorted perception makes them view themselves as powerless. Feelings of powerlessness lead to victimization, that takes one away from their true potentiality. This mentality creates a situation where it easy to live life according to other people’s opinions, wants, and needs, instead of our own — making one dependent on other people or things.

Suppressed emotional energy manifests as sabotaging behaviors, such as addictions, co-dependent relationships as well as many other spiritual imbalances.

Negative emotions vibrate within, making us become a frequency that acts like a magnet for the same types of people, situations, experiences, and situations that hold the same energy. This is how individuals unconsciously create the same experiences in their present and future as they had in their past.

Everything in the world, seen and unseen is made up of energy. Different energies vibrate at different frequencies. These frequencies can be felt throughout the body and in our surroundings. Emotions are energy in motion. They are one way Spirit communicates to us and they give us the energy that motivates us. Emotions are the key ingredient which fuels our intentions for manifestation. By understanding what our emotions are, we are able to see how we co-create with the universe.

Our Emotions are how we direct the universe consciously as well as unconsciously.

Meanings of Emotions:

  • Anger: I need boundaries
  • Fear: This situation/person etc. is threatening
  • Sadness: I cannot sense love right now
  • Jealousy: There isn’t enough
  • Happiness: I can sense love in the now and I would like to increase it

Fear is an emotion designed to motivate or to flee from danger. Fear is a core survival response designed to trigger action; Anxiety is fear without specific target or action plan and is able to attach itself to any perceived threat. Beyond the physical and psychic distresses anxiety can interfere with a person’s capability to think or perform. Shaking, insomnia, nausea, heart racing, aching, fatigue, memory issues, numbness, and restlessness are only a few manifestations of anxiety.

  • Disgust: This isn’t good for me
  • Guilt: I have made a mistake
  • Shame: I am bad
  • Blame: Someone else made a mistake

It is important to know that emotions arise because they help us make decisions. When the existing emotion is no longer supportive to who we are, and what we need– we need to reframe it.
Steps for increase your emotional intelligence:

  • Accept the emotion
  •  Feel and mobilize your emotions to serve your goals
  • Find the message
  • Ask for divine input and respond to your emotions with empathy and insight. Do not react.
  • Be open to all perspectives under the emotion. Become aware of your own habits and thoughts, which may have triggered the emotion.
  • Stop physical reaction by breathing or whole body conscious awareness, and if needed EFT and any other form of energy medicine.

Disharmonies in your energy system can manifest as agitation, depletion, exhaustion, fatigue and pain.

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