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Out of Body Experiences (OBE) are experiences which involves a sensation of floating outside your body, and in some cases, perceiving ones physical body. OBE is a human consciousness were one is able to detach from their physical body. Experiences such as near death and physical, emotional, and psychic trauma can trigger an OBE, because of our innate survival  mechanism, detachment. Individuals also loose  their sensory input in OBE, as they do in detachment and depersonalizing disorder.

OBE are experiences of a personal nature, they are highly stimulating and arousing. They can either be profoundly moving or disturbing depending on personal consciousness. Either way it is important to note individuals who experience OBE generally inhibit similar experiences while they are awake, so if healing needs to be done the experiences can reflect in the types of  experiences one can have.

OBE is possible, due to our brains ability to create through visions and imagination even in the absence of sensory information. Dreaming is a way we are able to personally identify with an OBE, although one doesn’t have to be asleep in order to experience an OBE. Scientists who have studied OBE say it resembles sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis occurs in the REM sleep cycle, which happens when dreaming takes place.

Individuals who experience OBE, experience everything that people experience in the physical realm. Such as walking, driving, eating, touching, and feeling pleasure and pain. They can also have experiences that don’t occur in our physical realities, such as having supernatural abilities like being able to fly. One thing most people who experience OBE  agree on, is that their experiences feel more real then dreaming.

OBE doesn’t limit to astral traveling and lucid dreaming, but assists in healing, visiting deceased loved ones, and artistic development. OBE can be accompanied by precognition, clairvoyance, and spiritual knowing, which assists greatly in past life regression and other spiritual healing.

There are five stages to the phenomenon of OBE. The first stage is withdrawal, second is cataleptic,  third is separation, fourth is movement, and the last stage is re-entry. It is important to familiarize yourself with these five stages, so you can recognize which stage you are in when you are experience OBE. Revisiting the experience in your minds eye helps make OBE easier, but also helps us develop clairvoyance.

The first stage of OBE resembles sleep, because we stop interacting with our environment while simultaneously sensory input diminishes. The second stage cataleptic, one usually feels different vibrations descending along the body- such as pins and needles, buzzing and a feeling of being covered in a thick, plush blanket, which is created from breath. Once the cataleptic stage fades away, the individual feels as if they have crossed over into a different dimension or reality, this is the separation stage. The fourth stage free movement,  is astral projection- which lasts anywhere from two to six minutes. The last stage, re-entry feels as if one is being pulled back into the body.

OBE are easiest to experience as well as practice before one drifts off to sleep and like all psychic ability needs to be practiced consistently in order to feel confident!


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