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The purpose of doing a psychic protection exercise is to keep yourself grounded and balanced against psychic and emotional energies. Rituals that include exercises in protection are not just  about repeating words but train and condition the mind to think certain thoughts. Thoughts that we repeatedly think become our realities and the phrases that we repeatedly hear and unconsciously say become our convictions.
Daily mental exercises are used in healing psychological and emotional imbalances because they change and instill certain thoughts patterns by repeating them until they become a habit.  Practicing an exercise once or twice daily allows us to be consistent, but in order to see results we must continuously visualize what we desire in order to manifest it.
Meditation Exercise for Psychic Protection:
Find a time when you wont be interrupted for about 15 to 20 minutes. Proceed by making yourself physically comfortable. Lie flat on your back. First, let your attention travel over your body from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. Relaxing every muscle until you are relaxed completely.
Clear your mind, Let the attention pass down the spinal cord and out over the nerves to the extremities. As you do this exercise, think “My nerves are in perfect order all over my body’’. They obey my will, and I have great nerve strength.”
Next bring your attention to your lungs and think, “My lungs are filled with Life Force which feeds every cell in my body. My blood is purified and brings oxogen and nutrients to my heart and organ tissues. I am feeling strong and healthy in my body.
I will search within me for the right of all things, and when I find it I will express it in my outward life within my actions and deeds.  I will drop what no longer serves and supports my highest good.  I let go of attachments of all kinds so I can experience God within me and  working through me.
I surrender my mind to the dominion of my soul, and I give my soul to the guidance of God There is but one substance and source, and of that I am made of. We are one with our creator. God expresses himself through us.
Utilizing the astral realm to tap into your creative genius.
The astral realm is the only realm which transcends time and space. There are no boundaries in this realm. The Astral realm connects us to God “Oneness”.  through our thoughts, dreams and ideas which are considered seedlings. Seedlings because they aren’t in physical form yet.  Manifestation happens from constant focus and nurturing of these seedlings.
Part of healing is allowing yourself to become what you desire to become by  exercising individuality and creative energy;  and by  going forth with confidence. When we live and act from this consciousness we see the creative force transmute fear into fire. Repelling all negative Energies, because confidence is the greatest weapon we have against psychic attack.
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