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As a professional psychic I work with a lot of energy on a daily basis. In the beginning of my career I  went through a period  where I wasn’t as diligent in the practice of spiritual hygiene and I definitely paid the price, either physically, energetically or emotionally.

As an educator of psychic development, energy healing, and other metaphysical and spiritual sciences I teach the importance of spiritual hygiene to my students. Below are a few suggestions that anyone can incorporate into their daily lives to keep themselves spiritually clear of negative psychic energy and other harmful energies.

Some physical negative affects from psychic energy:

1. Dehydration

Dehydration is a common side effect to living with or working with psychic energy. Similar to when you are exercising high levels of energy can drain the fluids from your body.

If you do not keep yourself hydrated you will notice that you will feel week and tired.  Make sure to drink plenty of water and possibly add electrolytes

2. Stress and Tension

Energy blockages held within the body cause stress and tension. It usually manifests in the form of stiffness in the body.  Increasing your own energy field energy will begin to work its way through your body. Also, incorporating yoga and other body-mind medicine enhances the natural flow of your energy making it move freely through your body.

There are several ways to clear the blockages within your body such as:

Sessions with health practitioners, psychic readings, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, massage, and Reiki.

3. Emotional Baggage

It is important when working with energy to not take on the emotional baggage of others or from other energy fields. We absorb energy  internally and externally from our chakras. Being conscious of taking in good energy and leave the bad makes your own energy  stronger and more intense. This allows you to pull in an attract higher vibrational energy.

In order to do this follow the steps below:

Stay grounded, centered, and confident
Clear your own energy field with sea salt baths regularly.
Imagine a psychic shield with the intent of blocking out negative energy.

Exercise is essential in order to keep up the flow of energy. Drink water throughout the day. Practice being in the moment, deep breathing, and holding positive thoughts.

The six laws of psychic energy:

1. All solid objects are vibrating energy. Unseen waves of energy such as T.V., microwave, x-rays.

2. The mind is an energy station that creates, transmits, and receives energy. The will of the mind can change the form of energy. Telepathy is when the human mind transmits energy to another human being or energy being on the earths plane, as well as to other entities and beings in the after life.

3. Humans have a body of vibrational energy which is duplicated template of the physical body. This vibrational body never looses consciousness and succeeds physical death.

4. Selfless spiritual service increases the energy body.

5. The higher realms, such as the angelic realms, Jacobs Ladder, and the heavenly realms  have higher and faster vibrational frequencies.

6. The more spiritually evolved an individual is the brighter their aura.

Some malfunctions of the Aura caused from negative psychic energy and negative energy are:

Rips, tears, or holes in the aura from being around abusive people or being in a toxic environment. Hooks, hooks are formed from attachments to another individual. Imbalanced attachments are emotionally draining. Jagged edges of an aura are caused from a lack of personal power which causes weak boundaries. Also, when an individuals aura stops at the knees instead of encasing the whole body. This is a sign of not being grounded and not feeling connected to the environment.

Some negative physical manifestations caused from aura malfunctions are:

1. Feeling fatigued.

2. Little or no zest for life.

3. Not knowing ones purpose.

4. No ambition.

5. Negative thinking.

6. Feeling disconnected from the Divine.

7.Feeling disconnected to people.

Tips for cleansing the aura and keeping your vibration high:

1. Imagination. The mind is so powerful that what we think- we become. Visualization and imaging your aura clear is the easiest way to incorporate spiritual hygiene in everyday life.

2. Smudge sticks. Smudge sticks are made up of sage which is a cleansing and purifying herb. Smudge sticks are great to use within healing rituals and cleansing homes and offices.

3. Sea salt baths. Sea salt is an astringent that pulls out impurities and gently clears the aura and detox’s the body.

4. Crystals and tuning forks. Crystals can ground, transmute, amplify, and diminish negative energy. Tuners balance, repair, and raise energy by manipulating and balancing the nervous system.

5. Going outside in nature. God is in all of nature.

6. Aromatherapy oils aromatherapy oils work on the olfactory nervous system and elevate mood.

7. Prayer and meditation. Connecting to God.

8. Exercise.

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