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February 21, 2015 Psychic Healing Arts Fair at The Open Center from 7:30pm-10:30pm


A Paradigm Shift is in the process of Happening. This is a new age of enlightenment and change. A spiritual paradigm is a change in consciousness, a revolution, transformation and a sort of metamorphosis. This change doesn’t just happen but is driven by agents of change, many times traumatically, within our own personal lives as well as collectively. Through these changes will emerge a better world.

Come share a fun filled day while exploring the mystical and energetic relationships to ourselves and the world around us. Explore a new science, ancient mysteries, alternative health, and spiritual teachings. Find your souls purpose, seek spiritual advice or get a psychic angel card, tarot card or mediumship reading, there will be a spiritual seer there for you!


A Pure Energy Healer Production




Laura Schwalm is offering 15 & 30 min. psychic readings, crystal readings and spiritual advising for $1.00 a minute
Laura Schwalm is certified by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners and 2010 graduate of Om Wellness in New York. As a Spiritual Adviser, Laura performs many different types of readings such as: intuitive readings, Tarot reading, clairvoyant readings, crystal readings, Psi Readings, and energy readings. But Laura’s specialty is doing Soul Readings and Emotional Imprint Clearings. Soul readings help clients become aware of their self-sabotaging and limiting thoughts and behaviors that are not in alignment with their highest good. http://



Pardis Paltrow is offering 15minute angel card readings, pet readings, and mediumship.
Pardis Partow is a former lawyer passionate about helping people who want to have stellar relationships and amazing careers. She can tap into what you need to hear to make positive changes in your life. Utilizing oracle cards, intuition, Reiki, crystals, and past life regressions, Pardis can help bring healing and clarity to your life. She is a Reiki Master Teacher certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD as an Angel Therapy Practitioner, Medium, Hypnotherapist, and Past Life Reader. She is versed in Pet Readings, certified in Herbology and Crystal Reiki Therapy. For inspiration follow her tweets at HummingBirdH on Twitter or at Pardis Partow on Facebook.



Fianna Avila is offering 15 minute Tarot readings
Fianna Avila has had fifteen years experience as a tarot reader, what started off as a hobby turned into something much more meaningful, and an eventually an incredible journey. Having been blessed with the gift of clairvoyance, empathy, and channeling, allows her to tailor her sessions to ones individual needs, wants, and concerns. She is also a developing spiritualist, studying Crystal Reiki and Pranic healing. Her style of reading is highly developed and modern, as she takes psychic consulting away from mystical vagueness and applies it to information based around real life choices, assisting you to be an empowered co creator of your life. Offering honesty and realism in her readings. She prides herself on having a non-egotistical and down to earth approach allowing her to specialize in love an relationships            



Jyogan Hakata-Kohler- Jyogan, studied the three initial levels of Komyo Reiki in Kyoto Japan with Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei. Jyogan will be offering 15-minute sample sessions 30-minute full front of the body Session and 60-minute full front and back of the body session

Jyogan is a Reiki Shihan (Master Teacher). He is one of very few Reiki Teachers in the west who have trained in all 3 initial levels of Reiki directly in Japan as he lived in Japan for nearly 3 years.
While living in Japan’s sacred city of Kyoto studying Buddhism, he trained in Traditional Japanese Reiki with Buddhist Priest, Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto. Reiki is a hands-on-healing treatment that was created by Mikao Usui in Kyoto. Jyogan’s Reiki lineage is 4-degrees from Mikao Usui. He has visited, meditated at, and energetically connected with the sacred sites of Reiki: Mt. Kurama and Mikao Usui’s Memorial. http://



Krista Mitchell is offering 15 minute and 3o minute Akashic Record readings

‘Rock Whisperer’ Krista N. Mitchell is an ordained Inter-Faith Minister, Crystal Reiki Master Teacher, and is certified as an Advanced Akashic Record Practitioner by Linda Howe, and a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Reader by Doreen Virtue. She helps people feel better about themselves, get unstuck, and create positive life and career changes.
Clients engaged in a healing process with her value her energy, higher guidance, and the tools that she provides — among them, clearer awareness of their own true selves, of nature, and of a higher guiding power. Krista has conducted thousands of private healing and reading sessions in person and by phone; she has also led dozens of workshops and certification courses online and worldwide.
You can follow her free daily guidance and crystal tips on Facebook (Rock Whisperer NYC), Instagram and @rockwispererny on Twitter. You can also view her easy to follow mini crystal & spiritual lessons on Youtube. Learn more about her at http:// or ask her directly by emailing her



Dainichi Lazuli will be offering 15 &30 minute Kabbala readings and healing
Dainichi Lazuli is a Manhattan-born Clairsentient and Empath. He has been studying Chaldean Numerology, divination and Tarot for 10 years.
Originally starting out with a simple deck of playing cards, Dainichi was taught how to divine using numbers from a Holy Man From Pnohm Pehn Cambodia. He spent his childhood with a Cambodian Family learning Theravada Buddhism and Hinduism (Vedanta) For the last 7 years, Dainichi Studied with Former Tibetan Kagyu and Nyinghma Monks. Tibetan Mahayana practices expanded his horizons of the human experience. For the last 5 years Dainichi Studied with Crystal Healer and Palo Myobe Priest, who not only gave Dainichi the name Lazuli, but also anointed him with the knowledge of the spirit-crystal and mineral kingdom. Mr. Lazuli now uses his knowledge of Numbers, Tarot, astrology and crystal- healing to coach people throughout their daily lives particularly focusing on guidance toward living a better day and fully enjoying life. Dainichi has studied various modalities of energy healing such as Reconnective Healing and Angel-Crystal Reiki.
Dainichi is also a teacher of Kabbalah, Tarot,Runes, I-Ching, Aromatherapy, Pendulums, Music and Angel Therapy. Check him out online at http:// for more information.

Martha Vallejo will be offering 15 & 30 minute Intuitive readings and making Crystal wire jewelry . Martha Vallejo the owner of Punch and Jewelry has made crystal wire jewelry for Namaste Book and Gift shop as well as OM Namaste, where she currently works. Martha also teaches metaphysical classes and intuitive wire jewelry workshops.



Alara Phoenix will be offering 15 & 30 minute Astro-Numerology readings

Alara is an Astro-Numerologist, Tarot card reader, and a Reiki level III practitioner who works at Namaste Bookshop helping and educating customers on crystals, cards, and other holistic items Namaste has to offer. She uses a combination of two ancient divination systems, astrology and numerology, to help individuals create and balance the life they seek. She works at Namaste Healing Center doing Astro-Numerology readings. Alara/898276256857045



Martha Vallejo will be offering 15 & 30 minute Intuitive readings and making Crystal wire jewelry at February 21, Psychic Healing Fair @The Open Center-22 East 30 Street NY NY from 7:30-10:30 . Martha Vallejo the owner of Punch and Jewelry has made crystal wire jewelry for Namaste Book and Gift shop as well as OM Namaste, where she currently works. Martha also teaches metaphysical classes and intuitive wire jewelry workshops.




Anthony Fusco will be offering 15 minute and 30 minute Voyager Card readings
Anthony has worked at the new age store in Forest Hills “Pastimes”, as well as the Psychic Café, in Greenwich Village NYC. I have been reading with the Voyager Tarot for 12 years professionally. He offers one on one sessions for either 15 or 30 minutes, where you can have a choice of a general reading, or, I can focus on a specific area in your life that needs clarification. I channel my readings using cards as well as my own psychic intuition. I have been able to predict specific dates or times of the year that events will take place in a clients life. In the past I have been booked to read at corporate events for Barnes & Noble, Kenneth Cole, Saks Fifth Avenue, and other private events.



Lucinda will be offering $30.00 for a 15 min Palm or Turkish Coffee Leave reading
$60.00 for a 30 min Combo Palm & Turkish Leave reading

Bio: Self-taught Lucinda has been reading Turkish coffee leaves and palms for many years, due to the fact that she lived and travelled throughout the East, and was exposed to spirituality from a very young age. She reads privately and at parties and offers a combo of turkish coffee leaves and palmistry.



Rebecca Gordon is a life-time astrologer, author, and founder of the My Path Astrology School in New York. She has practiced astrology for the last fifteen years while hosting international retreats, local year round classes and weekend workshops in New York. Rebecca’s mentors in astrology have been her mother Marjean Gordon and her mentor in New York, the world renowned Susan Miller of

The goal of My Path Astrology is to align you with your truth – the part of you that simply knows. Then comes the alignment with your path in life and the courage to follow it with confidence, stellar timing and success.
In her private readings, she has a talent for bringing out individual uniqueness in people and providing motivational guidance to meet life’s challenges as well as successes. Rebecca guides you to understand your birth chart as a personal roadmap which illuminates your life path, your truth, calling, relationships and overall navigation of this journey here in earth school.
Rebecca Gordon has been a regular presenter at MetaCenter, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM), New Life Expo, BodyMind Beauty Expo, East West Books, COSM, TriMurTi, Golden Bridge, Atmananda, and presently teaches year round classes in New York City.
Rebecca Gordon’s horoscopes and services have been retained by the likes of Elle Magazine, ABC Television Network, Tag Heuer, and Conde Naste’s as well as holistic life blogs such as which she contributes to monthly. She is an active member and contributing author to of ISAR, (International Society for Astrological Research) and is excited to release her first publication with ‘Beyond Words’ in the Summer of 2015.


Jeannine Carson -Tarot readings
Jeannine has been doing tarot readings professionally for over fifteen years. As she became more aware of my innate skills, they naturally evolved, as did her intuitive feelings about the cards and the people on whose behalf I was reading them.
Her sessions combine rich symbology from the tarot deck combined with psychology and her skills as a profession certified coach (CPC). Her many years of experience as a massage therapist, reiki practitioner, artist and mother have further enhanced her intuitive understanding of people and life situations, adding enrichment to the coaching work she does today.



Energy Artist- Erien Medina aka Erin Astronaut Ed Medina will be offering energy art, aura art and special requests starting

Erin Medina is an artist born in Brooklyn East New York and raised in “el barrio” spanish Harlem. Erien Astronaut Ed Medina is the Founder/Executive Director of Art Culture.

Art Culture NYC is a collective of prolific Latino artists dedicated to enhancing and promoting the Artistic aesthetic both locally and internationally. The artists of Art Culture NYC encompass a wide range of talents spanning the artistic spectrum. Lyrical, musical and poetic skills intertwine with visual arts skills for a truly unique experience which imbues all the senses. Through a series of art events, performances and community-based projects, Art Culture NYC aims to redefine the status quo in an effort to unite the diverse Latino cultures.


Tarot and Mediumship 15 minutes for $25.00

30 minute readings and healing for 40.00
Energy Art, Aura Art and Special Request art starts at $25.00


The Rock Whisperer of NYC will have a table selling the most authentic

crystals and gemstones bought from around the world.



unnamed 19-31-50

Choices Book store will be selling spiritual and healing items. Choices is located on

The Upper East Side of Manhattan, at 220 East 78 Street in between 2nd & 3rd

NY NY 10074. Choices is a recovery from addiction bookshop.



Front Desk, Assistance To The Psychics and Healers


Kara Brighton                                                                                                                    


Code Decode


Helen Davis

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A glimse of our Mini Holiday Psychic Healing Fair that was December 20, 2013




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Tarot and Mediumship 15 minutes for $25.00 30 minute readings and healing for 40.00 Energy Art, Aura Art and Special Request art starts at $20.00

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