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1. Spontaneity
Life can get stale and stagnant if you don’t give it room to breathe with occasional spontaneity. Trying something new and, allowing  the unexpected enhances the quality of life. When we try to control situations, people, or experiences, life gets dry and rigid, making it difficult to see the sweet surprises the universe brings.
Saying, “Yes” to new experiences and opportunities  invites exciting possibilities, that gives life passion and makes it come alive. By being spontaneous invites new beginnings and positive changes.
2) Beauty
Beauty is woven into the divine fragrance of ones true self. Beauty is the gateway too higher vibrational states of being. All of nature is infused with beauty demonstrating the divinity in all forms. Beauty  is beyond form and, is witnessed beyond the eyes with the heart, it is a feeling.
Beauty has a magic all of its own. When we are open to experiencing the true essence of beauty, we become more open too blissful states of awareness and different realms of consciousness beyond the physical.
3) Patience
There is a rhythm and pace to life. Pushing too hard against the natural flow, being impatience or having expectations restricts us and, almost always works against us.
We create our own reality by how patient or impatient we are.  We need to remember that There is a bigger picture the physical mind do not perceive all the time.  It is important and helpful to remember, the universe chooses optimum times for certain events. The moon waxes and wanes, night follows day, seasons change. Just as nature has a rhythm so does life.
The universe teaches us, that there are optimum times to reap, plant and sow.  By being sensitive to the flow of energy related to time- we become more open and intuitively guided into taking the appropriate actions at the right times.
4.  Know what you want
When we are clear about what we want it is easier  focus and direct our thoughts, imagination, and will into the manifestation our wants, needs and desires, and become consciously open to seeing how to take practical steps towards them.
You can even discover some wants by looking at what you don’t like in your life and deciding what needs to change. Goals-setting, time-lines, action steps all allow us be clear on not just our desires but a step by step plan on bringing our desires into physical reality.
5) Openness
Be open to your thoughts and feelings allows one to make wiser decisions for themselves? Being sensitive to what feels appropriate at a given situation allows you to make better choices which brings better results.
Letting people into your life requires a certain level of openness and vulnerability.
There are many reasons an individual becomes guarded, past experiences, hurts, fear, judgment, rejection, betrayal, are just a few. It takes courage to be vulnerable, but the rewards are rich and well worth it. The more you trust and value yourself, the easier it is to become open. The universe brings us love every moment. We just need to be open and willing to receive it.
6) Trust
Trust is a generating energy and puts the power of your mind towards positive outcomes.
Trust in yourself.
Trust in the love the universe has for you.
Trust in the power of your heart’s desires and your intentions.
Trust in your love, goodness and capabilities.
Trust in your power as a creator.
Trust in the positive outcome of your goal.
Trust in the healing power of love.
Trust that you are on a co-creative journey with the universe and there is a bigger picture.
Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can have what you desire with belief, intention, positive expectation, and a willingness to receive. Trust brings a greater sense of ease, faith and confidence which, lessens your desire to control or have things be a certain way, allowing life to manifest in a way that most serves you.Trust in yourself  have faith and hope. Hold your visions of the future you desire to create, make positive choices for yourself and commit to those through action.Release your dreams and visions into the world. Trust, believe, open to receive and expect them to  materialize in your world.

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