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Snake medicine holds significant symbolism in many cultures depending on the heritage, the totem meaning varies.  In general Snake Medicine, also known as snake totem, is a protector and guardian, which represents wisdom and rebirth through transmutation and transformation.

People who have snake medicine are rare, because their initiation is earned by healing many venomous bites, which allows them to transmute all poisons, be they emotional, mental, spiritual or physical. Snake totem is the power of creation because it embodies psychic energy, sexuality, reproduction energy, alchemy, and ascension energy.

Snake totem teaches us that we are external beings experiencing mortality, constantly shedding what no longer serves our highest good.

Snake totems wisdom is expressed as healing, transformational change, and spiritual guidance. Snake totem is a profound and powerful symbol of primal energy, and it is linked as well as associated with our life force.

In Greek methodology Asclepius, the god of medicine is featured with two snakes climbing up a staff. The symbol is known today as the Caduceus. Snake medicine is heavy magic and is considered fire medicine, the medicine of transmutation. The shedding of old skin symbolizes the shedding of our illusions and limitations, so we can evolve into wholeness. Snakes also symbolize healing on a cellular level.

When snakes shed their skin, they metamorphose into new beginnings, which is very significant in symbolizing the ability to shed old  beliefs and habits, which are no longer supporting our physical, mental, emotional, and/ or spiritual evolution.

The shedding of skin is also associated with astral travel, outer body experiences and death and rebirth.

Throughout history snakes have been linked to creation of the unconscious mind, as well as our unconscious and primal drives.

Snakes have the ability to go deep within mother earth and tap into her wisdom. The fact that snake travel on their stomach across the ground teaches us the importance of sensing the vibrations of energy around us, and being able to go with our “gut” feelings.

On an evolutionary level snakes have adapted to whatever environment they become part of. Many cultures, such as the Native Americans, saw snakes as mystical creatures because of their chameleon nature, which represents their wiliness to adapt without resistance.

Individuals who posses Snake Medicine have control over their emotions, excellent intuition and the ability to heal and heal themselves quickly. Since snake represents change and intuition the combination of these characteristics allow for proper instincts for deciding what actions and directions one should make along ones path.

People who have snake medicine are  usually slow to anger but have enormous coiled power that allows them to strike with controlled precision.

Snake totem possesses the following virtues:




Awakening of creative force

Able to handle change without resistance

Increased sensitivity to the environment

Cycles and Change

Fertility and Transformation

Increased Powers of Observation and Gut feelings


Transformation and transmutation

New opportunities and change

If snake has slithered into your life today, know that change is in the wind and expect dramatic changes to occur. These changes denote death of the old and a birth of new and endless flow of creative wisdom. Snake totem asks us to have clear intentions and direction so you will be prepared to strike if needed.

Snake totem assures us that we are  safe and ready for these changes to take place!

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