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Metaphysical Law of Signs and Symbols:

Spirit speaks to us through signs and symbols that we receive consciously and unconsciously. Spirit uses signs and symbols and other archetypes because we have been conditioned to notice them within our external environments in order to be safe and act appropriately.

Most individuals are triggered to react when they see certain signs or symbols. Most individuals, regardless of color, creed, or religion will stop and take notice if they see a symbol that represents danger, such as seeing a skull and cross bones. In the psychic realm (which is also known as the astral realm) everything  exists as a thought. Everything which is in a three dimensional world is a form of a sign or symbol which carries an intention, but not everything is called to action. Some signs and symbols can represent a state or a status of a person or thing. Signs and symbols can also represent an affirmation, direction, or purpose of a situation, person, or thing.

Spirit draws attention to the signs and the symbols that the universe has laid out for you to utilize in order to achieve your goals. Spirit shows you these signs and symbols to show you how you are directing your energy as well as how the energy is formed through the communication of your intention.

Signs and symbols are the way spirit gives us a status report of how we feel about ourselves, and what we hold true. Symbols and signs speak to us through our other intelligence systems, called intuition, inner vision, and inner knowing.

Our internal intelligence triggers recognition and many times action. We can feel messages within bodies, that trigger actions.  These are messages inspired by our own spirit. This means that spirit who communicates through our subconscious minds is the one who recognizes and encodes these messages. Science and mathematics has encoded many signs and symbols to help us to understand energy, which  makes it easy to see how that energy affects us.

Seeing the same number over and over means spirit is trying to send you a message, all numbers represent and mean something. For example the number 11 means creative genius, manifestation qualities, while the number 3 means trinity. Seeing a black cat or bird, insect etc., all have a special spiritual meaning. Also, they can mean something to you, which over rides that spiritual meaning.

Encoding your own signs and symbols which you observe gives you time to notice if you need to adjust or make any corrections for decisions you have made. This will help to get the best result out of trying to over come a problem, or achieve a goal. Signs and symbols are a constant way spirit communicates with us.

*Note: Symbols in dreams, Symbols in the bible and other books of God , Astor Awareness  and Sacred Geometry.

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