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The immune system is the body’s ability to Respond and adapt readily and appropriately. It is our bodies defense against infections and other organisms and invaders which cause sickness and diseases. Immune system problems are related to spiritual imbalances identified with the root chakra. Our connection to the body, God, and our survival skills relating to money and relationships are all root chakra imbalances.
Immunity development starts in the womb and develops gradually over our lifetime. Some factors that determine how well our immune systems functions are: A spine checks at birth. Trauma to a baby’s spine during the birth process is actually what kick starts their Immune system. Just as a baby chick’s immune system is kick started when it kicks it’s way out of the egg.
Some Causes of an Imbalanced Immune System (overactive and under active immune system)
5. Environment and exposure
6. Sufficiency
7. Purity
Some development interferences are:
1. Over use of Antibiotics
2. Toxic diet
3. Toxic emotions
4. Inoculations and vaccinations,
5. Over use of  Anti histamines
6. poor lifestyle choices
7. Chronic Stress, psychological and mental
8.  Chemically toxic
To do list
1. Allow your natural immune system develop on it’s own
2. Super hydrate with water. The human body accumulates toxins constantly from our environments, stress overload, food combinations to name just a few things. Water  flushes the system of these harmful toxins that compromise our immune systems.
3. Promote purity; foods, people, and things that only support your highest good and that support your health.
4. Consider adding Zink, Magnesium, and copper. These micronutrients support immune response.
5. Add Garlic to Support  and cleanses the blood. Vitamin A, C, B complex the  body because we don’t ingest enough in our diet.
6. Bovine Colostrum -used for immune support.
7. Pharmaceutical fish oil-1 to 5 milligrams a day. (Pharmaceutical fish oil is free of toxins, mercury, and other harmful matter)
8.Schedule in rest and repair Exercise and movement. Movement produces rest and repair, lack of movement is stress. Exercises train the brain and nervous system. Exercise also reduces cancer. Thirty minutes of exercise a day is cumanitive! Learn to incorporate exercise in your life in every day in every way! Exercise also repairs neurological pathways.
10. Good attitude
11. Fasting and cleanses
12. Probiotic to replenish the good flora in the digestive track and alkalizes the G.I. track.
13. Tongue Scraping
The human body is always striving for homeostasis.  We need to consciously and deliberately supplement our lives with supportive life style changes that include diet, movement, attitude, thought and intention. It is important to note that supplements are not instead of eating properly and good life style choices. By incorporating some or all of the immune building practices above you are indirectly also taking care of your spiritual health.
Laura Schwalm is a Master Psychic Healer who offers psychic readings, spiritual coaching, spiritual healing rituals, holistic health and life coaching.
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