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Psychologist and spiritualist alike have studied the shadow aspects of man since the beginning of time. The shadow is the ego part of self, the dust of man. This part of man perceives himself and his outer world from the experiences he has had, and his environment. Individuals who have suffered from psychological and emotional abuse manifest many soul wounds also known as samskara. Samskaras are a combination of astral energy and emotional energy. The energy of a samskara is held in the physical body as stress. It is where our energy vibration comes from. Individuals who vibrate at a lower frequency have more samskaras which, means more ego and less love and light which is of ones true self.

Samskaras cause unconscious conditions which are habitual behaviors. Conditions become neurological pathways within the mind. The ego mind’s main concern is survival whether it’s emotional, physical, psychological or spiritual the mind doesn’t know the difference. Conditions caused from psychological trauma, depersonalization disorder, and feelings of  detachment from the physical body, make it difficult to stay present and  more likely to repeat sabotaging unconscious behaviors.

Spiritual integration is spiritual healing at the deepest level. Integrating the shadow aspects of self make us feel whole and bring us back to our truth and divinity. Societies greatest pain is caused from the illusion that we are separate from our creator.

An easy way to determine if you need to integrate an aspect of yourself  is, when you experience anger, resentment, fear, and any lower vibrational energy after being triggered emotionally.  It is important to note many times there isn’t a memory to go along with a sensation or feeling. The body holds on to memories, sensations, and feelings in the pain body. Many times babies have traumatic experiences before their logical thinking is developed, this is one example of an individual not remembering mentally but physically having sensations and feelings related to an unconscious trauma.

Severe trauma that is physical, psychological, and/or emotional becomes stagnant in the pain body. Overtime, stagnant energy affects all major systems of the body; the endocrine system, digestive system, immune system, and nervous system.

The first step of spiritual integration is to surrender. The spiritual law of resistance tells us what we resist, persists. To surrender is to look at yourself, the situation, and/or person without judgement. Judgement keeps us locked into feeling victimized and powerless. To begin to surrender is to look at yourself from a spiritual perspective. To realize we are in physical form to learn and manifest. To know all experiences, good and bad, will  lead to the greatest spiritual gifts, once integrated.

To be without judgement is to love yourself in the process of spiritual integration. By understanding a meaning of our negative emotions, we allow ourselves to see different realities and dimensions of ourselves which brings us closer to oneness.

Acceptance means accepting your emotions, uncovering unconscious feelings which causes sabotaging behaviors. During integration one must have full self acceptance. This does not mean they approve of an event or person which has harmed them but, acceptance of the experience.

Experiences happen on a feeling level, the feeling level is where we are most unconscious/unaware. To completely  heal one must allow themselves to feel deeply without resistance. The purpose of life is to awaken our sleeping creative intelligence so we can return back to universal oneness.

All resistance causes pain. To integrate our shadow we must come into the moment by activating witness consciousness. Be sure to remember, self rejection prevents negative energy from dissolving. It also amplifies the negative feeling. One must come into a space of surrender and acceptance; acceptance eventually leads to forgiveness.

The Mental processing steps for shadow integration are :

1) Awareness.

2) Acceptance.

3) Feeling the direct experience emotionally and physically.

4) Transformation which leads to spiritual transcending.

Awareness of the event includes owning one’s behavior. Becoming conscious of how one has contributed to their undesirable life experiences. When we come into a space of acceptance it means mentally we cease resistance. One becomes blocked by various self rejecting ways of thinking. The act of acceptance allows us to become conscious which, brings us into the direct experience that is related to the physical body and the body brings us into the moment. Allowing us to dissolve the energy with awareness, surrender, and forgiveness. The transformational stage is where the shift takes place. Only through the body can the gateway to healing spiritually and energetically be conducted.

Our beliefs act like filters through which we perceive reality. Some of our beliefs are formed from suppressed energy caused from painful experiences. This leads to irrational, limited, and destructive behaviors. Suppression is a psychological mechanism which begins with resistance. Suppression works internally as well as externally. Internally they are felt as detachment, and negative emotions. Outwardly suppression of negative emotions manifests as imbalanced relationships, physical imbalances, and undesirable life experiences. Suppression leads to repression which manifests as neurosis, addiction, and depression to name just a few. Addiction exaggerates duality. In order to heal one must learn to use the negative attributes they find proactively by understanding the dualistic components.

Feeling through the body and the body mind connection.

This stage of integration is where one works with the body to see psychological change. Many times we turn away from feelings to protect ourselves from perceived pain leading to a lack of  body awareness. Body mind medicine and  energy psychology are two modalities that help to integrate the body and mind back into balance.

Our chakras are our psychic/spiritual center. Each chakra represents not only a psychological/spiritual aspect but a physical aspects of self. Our chakras are directly linked to specific organs and systems within the body. Negative energy stored within the body becomes trapped in muscles and organ tissue causing physical imbalances that lead to circulation problems and physical illness.

Karmic patterns, which are repeated, are considered karmic loops. Karmic contracts are unconscious decisions, beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes which bind us to people. Co-dependent relationships that are polarizing are an example of karmic contracts.  Every time a karmic block gets activated by triggers, the block accumulate more emotional energy. Overtime the energy becomes solidified giving it a magnetic pull bringing those same frequencies to us. Since beliefs hold emotional reactions, one must learn what their underlying beliefs are and how they react emotionally.

The first steps in this clearing process are:

1) Ask yourself what you believe about your situation.

2) Describe in a few words how you feel.

3) Let go of judgements so you can identify the limiting patterns.

4) Self forgiveness.

5) Forgive others.

6) Verbalize out loud a forgiveness statement.

7) Transcend the negative affects of karma by surrendering.

8) Exhale with a big belly breath. (This activates the nervous system to detox and relax).

It is important to note that our emotional body lives in the past and remembers habits and conditions which we formed then. Many times this occurred in our childhood to support our well-being. Unfortunately, what was supportive in childhood is not always supportive in the present. Letting go of  these attachments allows us to be in alignment with our true self so we can co-create with God and the universe successfully, which leads to living in one’s bliss.

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