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Everything that happens in the physical realm was once a thought or an idea. Ideas and thoughts which are grounded and have direct intention, manifest into physical realities. Direct intention include feeling like one already has what one wants, needs, and desires.

“Doing” leads to understanding and “action” reveals innate wisdom.  All mastery comes in “doing”.

We live in a society where most individuals react, instead of act with direct and purposeful intention. Individuals that suffered from any form of trauma and haven’t healed, hold discarded, stagnant, emotional energy within their pain body. This causes one to feel disconnected from their physical body, making it difficult to stay grounded and present.

Stagnant energy held within the pain body manifests as sabotaging behavior and negative character traits, which binds one to karmic relationships, programs, and knots.

The Cosmic Law of Action asks us to act out of faith, courage, commitment, and clear intentions. The spiritual gifts for staying on course is faith, patience, and perseverance. When we abandon our goals, dreams, and desires because of perceived problems, we are in essence abandoning ourselves as well as God.  It is only through grounding our efforts and taking action that we can we co-create with God.  Through one’s unique creativity, and true individuality, one is not only able to co-create, but to find true understanding of themselves, as well.  The Law of Action helps us align our energy with God and all things in the universe making it easier to co-create and manifest.

People who suffer from anxiety and fear should have a daily practice which helps them re-condition their mind and body. Anxiety is a trained behavior. A person must train the mind to be present and train the body to not physically react. Modalities that include body-mind work, such as; energy psychology, and EFT, are helpful for rewiring the mind, reconditioning the body, and learning to focus on the intention instead of feelings and emotions when integrating The Law of Action.

Laura Schwalm is a Master Psychic Healer who specializes in Karmic Clearing, Soul Retrieval Psychic Readings. To read about the Holistic and Spiritual Services Laura offers go to



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