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Everything in the world is made up of energy.  This energetic reality, the quantum field is the blue print for our physical reality. The Law of the Universe is the same as The Law of Attraction. The only energies which can share the same space are ones which match. Energy healers heal by holding a dominant higher vibration to whatever they are trying to heal.

The amount of energy a person has depends on how much love and light they hold. When we aren’t standing in our truth, we are out of alinement with God. This makes our energy weak.

There are many ways to raise our vibration. All energy holds a thumbprint of God frequency. The higher the frequency the more divinity it has. The Law of Affinity teaches like goes to like. Things which hold the same or similar energetic vibration act like a magnet to one another.

We have all heard,”birds of a feather flock together and, like goes to like”.

It is our emotions and feelings which dictates a persons energy vibration. Unhealed traumas held within the pain body causes individuals to have low energy, making them a dissident to the situations and experiences they want to have. Our emotions are the fuel behind our intentions consciously and unconsciously, making our feelings  paramount in successfully manifesting.

The Law of Energy doesn’t discriminate. The imagination is the bridge to the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real or imagined. The universe corresponds with our inner feelings

Tips to raising your energy

1. Get active. Being interactive in life gives one more energy

2. Get support, join a club or find a community to belong too. Creating a supportive environment makes one feel secure which, raises energy.

3. Exercising

4. Train your nervous system through yoga and breath work

5. Direct your thoughts

6. Listen to music

7. Laugh

8. Be around friends, family and animals

9. Meditate

10. Focus on a positive end outcome -when starting

11. Read Spiritual Material


13. Self Nurture

Energy and Energy Healing

Energy healing is based on the scientific principals that all matter vibrates at a precise frequency. By using a resonate vibration we balance and restored ones energy. Energy healing works by inviting stuck energy to move and vibrate again. Energy healing brings the body vitality by purifying and stimulating the body.

Energy healing cures bodily systems as well emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. Our health is harmonious to the flow of Energy, our life force. Imbalances within the flow causes energy blocks. Spiritual healers call vibrational energy many different names. Yogi’s call it prana, Chinese medicine call this life force, Chi.

Christians depict energy within the Aura’s which, emanate around the saints in paintings. Human beings have multi dimensions of energy  so, healing can begin on any level, the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Energy healing allows us to heal on the spirit level, making the speed of healing quicker and deeper. Conscious Empathy is the foundation of the Healing Arts and, the key to understanding others.

It is important to note that everyone receives and tunes into energy differently. The healer should always pay attention to the feelings, emotions, images, sensations and any other intuitive guidance they receive because, their intuition will lead them with, what to do next  for further healing.

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