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emotional intelligence
Our emotions work as our environmental navigating and security system. They  indicate how we feel and, how our lives is going. Our emotions give us the power and fuel needed for manifesting. They control unconscious and conscious our habits and conditions which, include the way we think. Our beliefs act like filters to what we feel emotionally and, our emotions have the  power to affect the physical body. Emotions like fear and anger change body constitution making the body very acidity. The constant release of these chemicals affect the body, mind, and spirit in everyone.
To diffuse and release negative energy:
1. Chrom Essence
2. Tuning Forks
3. Listening to your thoughts and day dreams
4. Identifying your hurts
5. Record what you feel strongly about
6. Automatic writing, journaling
7. Try to be specific with what you are feeling
8. Tantra
9. Tap into heart consciousness
10. Meditation
11.  Spend time with friends
12. Higher a life coach
13.  Give yourself permission to feel your feelings
A. Accept your feelings, write them, physical move, or communicate them
B. Go within
C. Forgive
D. Gratitude
E. Use the pain by learning from what you have learned.
All emotions are born from love and fear and, all thoughts trigger one emotion or the other. Some examples how fear is manifested  through emotions of anxiety, anger, control, sadness, depression, confusion, guilt, shame, and inadequacy. Fear based emotions stimulate the nervous system and releasing chemicals that suppress the digestion and immune system.
14. Ask yourself the following questions:
A. Are my reacting?
B. Can I talk about the experience or situation with the person caused the upset?
C. Is a direct approach the best way to succeed?
D. Have an intention, a hope for how the discussion or problem will resolve.
E. Be realistic. Make sure you can be honest with the person or situation.
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