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Twin flames are also called twin souls, they are literally, two aspects of one soul.  In the beginning of time we all were incarnated with two complete souls. One of masculine, yang energy and the other of feminine, yin energy. These two complimentary forms of consciousness are bound together throughout eternity.

Most twin flames have circumstances which prevent them from being together in the beginning. Though, when twin flames reunite the connection is immediate as if no time has been lost since the two were together.

At a certain point within their evolution each soul separates and lives two completely different life paths, where they learn and grow spiritually. When they reunite they wind up completing each other. Each soul is not a half of a soul, but a whole soul. It is both their tasks to become more whole, balancing their feminine and masculine sides and ideally become enlightened before reuniting.

Throughout our many lifetimes, the painful feelings reminded us of this separation and need to connect to our creator and our twin. This inner need and desire is why we seek relationships and have families. Throughout our lifetimes our soul mates and soul relationships prepare us for our eternal reunion with our twin.

Twin flame relationships are very highly charged and the two must be spiritually ready for their union in order for it to last.

Signs that you have met your twin flame:

1) An overwhelming sense of love and attention.

2) Feeling you complete one another.

3) Having a magical and magnetic chemistry together.

4) Being psychically connected. Feeling what your partner feels, ESP, and telepathy.

5) They have the power to touch each other without physical means.

6) Desire to be together regardless of the obstacles.

7) Feeling like you knew each other in a past life.

8) A strong feeling of being together for eternity.

9) No secrets or boundaries.

10) Your twin flame inspires your creativity.

11) Your twin flame makes you feel more connected to your creator.

12) Gives without the need to receive.

13) Constant synchronicity.

Laura Schwalm is a Master Psychic Healer who helps individuals heal and balance the body, mind, and spirit with holistic and spiritual practices




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