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Many Eastern religions and Esoteric teachings teach us about the seven planes of consciousness and the roles which they have within our spiritual evolution.The seven planes of consciousness fall under spiritual, mental, emotional and physical layers, or dimensions of consciousness. These layers of consciousness fall into categories  of human needs and motivations on a physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional level.

Metaphysics, a spiritual science teaches us that man passes through seven stages of consciousness. Those seven layers of consciousness relate to psychological and emotional states of being, as it associates with a particular spiritual center, known as the chakras.

Everywhere there is a chakra; there is an endocrine gland. Spiritual blocks are Samskara . Samskara’s  are karmic wounds that manifest themselves as  unconscious and conscious- sabotaging habits, conditions, and reflexes.  Learning to identify spiritual blocks, through specific characteristics can help support individuals with healing and their spiritual evolution.

There are seven Spiritual centers in the human body, known as the chakras. Our chakras are not in physical form, they are more like energy vortexes that hold energy patterns. Chakras have specific locations in the body that corresponds to physical organ, glands and systems. Systems including the digestive system, immune system, and nervous system

Each chakra corresponds to an emotional, physical, mental, psychological/spiritual aspect of self. An imbalance is caused from one of two things. Being unconscious to a limited perception of yourself, and not accepting a perception of  yourself and/or experience.

Our first chakra is about feeling connected to God, the earth, and our physical body.

An individual who has an  over active  root chakra suffers with addiction, obsessive compulsive disorders, and emotional imbalances. Physical imbalances affect all main physical systems, such as: the nervous system, the skeleton system, the digestive system, and the immune system.

An under-active root chakra manifests as adrenal fatigue, lethargic, low energy, low libido.

Individuals who suffer with root chakra imbalances have difficulty manifesting and/or maintaining balance, which reflects in financial difficulties as well as intimacy and trust issues within their relationships

When that root chakra  is opened and balanced we feel grounded, stable, and secure which allows us to be in the here and now.

Our second chakra, the sacral chakra is our center related to creativity, individuality, and sexuality . When the sacral chakra is open we feel comfortable within our own skin, we are flexible not only in the way we think, but within our body. An overactive second chakra, tends to be overly attached to people, overly sexual, and overly emotional.

An under active sacral chakra is reflected as poor boundaries, low self esteem, addiction.

Physical imbalances caused from a second chakra imbalance are adrenal fatigue, kidney and hormonal imbalances, reproductive imbalances affecting prostrate and  uterus and ovaries.

The third chakra is the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the “I Am” center .  Our “I Am” center is associated with our gut feelings and intuition.  When this chakra is opened we  are able to listen to our own internal wisdom are are able to act accordingly to that wisdom. We also have a good sense of self and are confident and comfortable asserting oneself  alone or within a group.

When this chakra is under-active individuals are indecisive, passive, and  have poor personal boundaries. An over-active solar plexus manifests in behaviors, which are  controlling, aggressive, and dominating.

Physical blocks in this chakra are digestive and hormonal imbalances relating to  the liver.

Blocks in this chakra causes individuals to not be able to have the experiences they want to have, because they are unable to assert themselves appropriatly.

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. The heart chakra is about being able to give and receive love. A heart chakra that is under- active is cold, distant and detached. When this chakra is over-active individuals are over bearing and suffocating, usually for selfish reasons.

Physical imbalances  in the heart chakra are heart and blood disorders, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Imbalances manifest as relationship and trust issues and emotional imbalances.

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra. The throat chakra is about self expression.

When our throat chakra is balanced and open, we have no problem speaking our truth. Unable to speak our mind is a reflection of an under-active chakra, where an over-active throat chakra tends to be domineering or keeps people at a distance an has a problem with others expressing themselves.

Behaviorisms of an over-active throat chakra are rambling, chattering, overly talkative. Under-active extreme shyness

Physical imbalances in the throat chakra are thyroid imbalances

The sixth chakra is known as the third eye The third eye is about visualization, creativity, and insight. Individuals who have an opened third eye have a good sense of ” inner knowing”  and intuition.

Individuals who have an under-active third eye have a hard time thinking for themselves, have rigid beliefs, and get confused easily.  An overactive third eye manifests as daydreaming and fantasize too much.

In  individuals that have excessive blockages in the third eye suffer from delusional thinking and  may even hallucinate.

Physical blocks are poor eye sight, head aches, and pineal gland cysts.

The seventh chakra is the crown chakra. The crown chakra is about being one with the God and the universe.  If this chakra is under-active the individual is either  spiritually ignorant or/and,  rigid in  their ideas, beliefs, and all around thinking.

An overactive crown chakra is manifested as over analyzing and intellectualizing. Addicted to spirituality and delusional.

Physical imbalances caused from crown chakra blockages are learning disabilities, memory issues, head aches, alzheimer’s disease

As an individual heals their chakra imbalances they are able to access 7 gateways to  higher states of consciousness.

On a  spiritual plane it is considered selfless service; making a difference and internal cohesion.

On a mental plane it’s transformational

on a emotional layer it is relationship, trust, and self esteem.

Lastly, on a physical level it relates to survival

Spiritual diseases-  a term which I use to describe distorted and negative thinking- relating to ourselves, our spiritual purpose and our creator.

These spiritual imbalances not only  cause physical and  psychological blocks, but emotional imbalances.

There are four spiritual diseases. The most common is fear. Nothing blocks creativity, financial freedom, and causes paranoia in relationships like fear. Fear is false evidence appearing real. It keeps us unconscious in the present moment, which is the only time we are capable of accessing divine guidance.

The second spiritual imbalance is doubt. Fear is rooted in doubt. Doubt in oneself. People who doubt themselves never seem achieve very much in life. Victimization is birthed from doubt and jealousy stemmed from feelings of being victimized.

Ignorance is the most devastating of all spiritual diseases. It is, because it is based on false or limited information and principals, which affect ones behaviors and actions negatively.

The last and most difficult spiritual imbalance to cure is arrogance. Individuals who are arrogant are happily unconscious to their behaviors which contributes to their undesirable life experiences. Another words, they do not feel they have a problem. Without awareness there is no action to change.

Understanding the spirit part of ourselves through our spiritual centers and the seven layers of consciousness we are capable of transforming our lives by dissolving karmic imprints, which manifest as unconscious sabotaging behaviors.

 Understanding how our chakras work is imperative for healing, and healing almost always leads to a deeper awareness of who we are and often guides us towards evolution.

Evolution: the profound change of the individual where he or she is no longer the same, evolution may be so profound as to alter the karmic path of the Soul itself.

Thank you for reading and until next time “Be true to yourself”

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