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The basic premise of Spiritual and Holistic Health is that illness doesn’t just happen randomly. Every illness, imbalance, and dysfunction a person develops is an indication of emotional, psychological and/or spiritual stress. The success of all healing is dependent on two factors; 1) courage to evaluate ones life honestly and 2) the power to make empowering choices that honor and feed the inner spirit.

Spiritual disease patterns are caused from unresolved or deeply consuming emotional, psychological or spiritual stress. The stress can either be long patterns of unresolved issues from childhood, such as feelings of being rejected, inadequate or defective. They can also develop from recent traumatic events which cause us to feel limited, defective or victimized.

Situations and experiences which make a person feel defective cause limiting core beliefs, because what a person believes affects their emotions- and our emotions, most of the time determine our actions, consciously and unconsciously.

The inability to give and receive love is one of the biggest causes in developing a spiritual imbalance. Every individual who is on the planet is in physical form to learn and manifest. We learn to work with the pure energy of love through our relationships as well as our spiritual purpose. When an individual is not capable of giving and receiving love they feel disconnected from God, other people, and their own physical body. People who suffer from having a closed heart chakra have patterns that are dis-empowering and develop physical imbalances related to the heart.

How effective a person exercises control over their thoughts as well as their affairs can also determine weather they become spiritually imbalanced. To find the balance between being flexible without being victimized. Many individuals turn over their personal power and power of choice due to dominating personalities. Stepping out of our power causes us to live out of alignment with God.

A persons physical health is an indication of their spiritual health. How well a person tends to their physical health such as their nutrition, how often they exercise, and their lifestyle habits can predict whether an individual develops a spiritual disease pattern. Our habits consciously as well as unconsciously can cause all types of imbalances.

Individuals that do not fully understand who they are from a spiritual perspective and do not know their purpose feel detached from God. Feelings of emptiness and detachment are feelings caused from feeling separate from God. Our connection to God is through our own unique individuality as well as our purpose, which we have free will to choose.

Spiritual imbalances caused from ignorance and denial are obvious causes of spiritual disease patterns. The inability to face challenges and to refuse to look and take responsibility for the areas which aren’t working within a persons life.

Spiritual disease patterns can be corrected by incorporating a daily practice with specific rituals that are tailored to recondition an individuals body, mind, and spirit. It is important to note that everyone gets imbalanced, correcting these imbalances helps our own unique spiritual growth an evolution.


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