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Many healers believe Crystal Resonance Therapy can be done alone without any other modality to heal energy imbalances. I, however use Crystal Resonance Therapy in conjunction with doing a Psychic Reading. The psychic/spiritual realm is identified with the mind, the psychological realm. The psychic reading creates awareness of unconscious sabotaging behaviorisms. These behaviorisms were created by the individual as ways to “deal with” their environment.

Crystal Resonance Therapy with Lifestyle practices that help individuals recondition the body/mind connection is a crucial part of the healing process and isn’t obtained with Crystal Resonance Therapy alone. Psychological, emotional and physical trauma causes detachment and depersonalization disorder. Detachment of any kind causes one to feel as if they are out of body. Post traumatic stress disorder, ADD, anxiety, and many emotional and hormonal problems are all physical manifestations associated with detachment disorder. This is why I believe Crystal Resonance Therapy alone is not enough to cure an individual of their imbalances fully.

Never the less, Crystal Resonance Therapy is a great preventative healing modality! Healing the root causes of all physical, emotional and psychological imbalances because it works on the subtle body known as the chakra’s. Crystal Resonance therapy works on the Etheric template which corresponds with the throat the fifth chakra. This part of our aura is considered to be the blueprint of everything which we create in the physical realm, including our own identities. Crystal resonance therapy also clears and reprograms the Celestial and Ketheric template of the aura. The Celestial layer corresponds with the sixth chakra, the third eye. Ones intuition and perceptions are controlled by this center. The Ketheric layer of the aura corresponds with the seventh chakra, The Crown. The crown chakra represents unity consciousness. How well we relate, have empathy, and feel connected to others depends on how clear and balanced the Ketheric template is.

Gemstones and Crystals have electro-magnetic frequencies that match the earths vibration. Spiritual/psychological imbalances that are created in the mind manifest physical tension and stress within the body. Our Spirit body, known as the seven chakras run horizontally along the spinal column. “From the base of the spine to the crown of the head”. These chakra’s act like vortexes that are influenced internally and externally. Internally from thoughts and feelings and externally from things, people and situations which happen in our environment.

Crystal Resonance Therapy is where the crystals and gemstones are placed on the body to create a human body grid. They can be placed to amplify, decrease, redirect and release stagnant energy held in the subtle body. Through the unique pattern the crystals give off frequencies which touch within a treatment and the electro magnetic energies of the earth combine and engage with the clients energy field. Shifting the clients energy into a state of resonance with the earths energy field. In short, Crystal Resonance Therapy is a non invasive energy modality that utilizes the basic laws of energy movement and electro- magnetism to shift energy blocks held within our physical body and energy field.

Crystals have been used all around the world for centuries. One of the first cultures to incorporate crystals in their daily practices were Egyptians. Egyptians put crystals in the pyramids and other architecture structures to attract light and contain power. American Indians have long seen crystals as sacred symbols of light and have incorporated them in healing rituals and ceremonies. In the tibetan cultures they are seen as sacred objects that are infused and empowered by the elements. “earth, wind, fire,water, and air” Many cultures carry crystals for protection from negativity.An in mid evil times babies born into royalty had their umbilical cord cut with crystals.

Aside from Crystal Resonance Therapy, crystals can be worn as jewelry or carried for protection or to attract luck, abundance, and love. They can be placed under a pillow to enhance dreaming. Used when meditating on a specific intention, They are used in Feng Shui to change energy in a room as well as cleanse and attract abundance in a home and office.

Crystals can also be used too make crystals elixirs, oils, creams and waters. Be careful in choosing stones for waters, creams, and oils because some stones are poisonous. Any stone that has zinc, sulphur, metals, copper, mercury, aluminum and nickel avoid because they are poisonous. Note, that this list is limited to how many poisonous and toxic stones that should be avoided in making crystal elixir’s, creams and waters.

Healing specific imbalances depends on the intention, the gems and crystals used, and the placement of the stones and following a specific daily protocol, whether physical and/or dietary plan.

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